Should you have an office fit out design after your property extension?

An office fit out is a term that is typically used when a workplace is being redesigned or refurbished. However, many people are still unsure of what a fit out entails in the office space, and if their workplace would benefit from this type of upgrade.

The following is a brief guide to all you need to know about fit outs for office spaces.

office fit out

What Is A Fit Out?

As previously mentioned, this term means the redesign or the update to a workspace. But, what exactly does that mean? A fit out is the process of making the interior areas of the office comfortable for both visitors and staff. The end goal for most fit outs is that the revamped space will increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. In other words, the workspace is developed in order to better meet the needs of those who work and visit.

Why Invest In A Fit Out?

By investing your money and time into a fit out, you will be encouraging future business growth. Consider for a moment the potential benefits of getting a fit out for your office.

When properly done, a fit out can actually help to increase your employee productivity. A study by the Cass Business School in London showed 80% of those questioned felt that art in the workplace improved their sense of well-being. Business owners believe that these office fitouts have transformed their businesses for the better. Employee confidence and proficiency is at an all time high, and there is also a noticeable increase in revenue.

The Fit Out Process

There is not an official ‘process’ to starting a fit out for your business. However, there are two different categories and they are Category A and Category B.

A Category ‘A’ fit out typically refers to the open space. This type of fit out includes all aspects of preparing an office for business including electrical wiring, plumbing and other installations.

During this type of fit out, you can also expect the blinds, finishes and fitted lights and other components such as furniture to also be installed at this time.

A Category ‘B’ fit out is redesigning and developing the internal structure based on the needs of the business.


You can think of the two fit outs as one being a canvas where you can create your own design (Fit Out ‘A’) or a canvas that is not blank but needs extra details (Fit Out ‘B’). With the second option, you will have the opportunity to create a space that shows the world the vision you have for your company.

An office fit out is the right choice for your business if you are not only looking at where your company currently is, but where you would like for it to be in the coming years. As technologies change in all industries, it is important to have a workspace that keep up these changes.