loft refurbishment design

Choosing the right house builders

Hiring a qualified and reliable builder is crucial for you to achieve the desired design for your dream home. With the rapid growth of the construction industry, you will certainly encounter all calibers of builders including cowboy builders. Therefore, it’s upon you to be extra careful and diligent when choosing the right person to work with.

From looking at reviews from previous clients, previously handled projects, to their qualifications and certifications, there are several things that you’ll need to consider before making a final decision. Choosing the wrong would ultimately cost you dearly and even lead to a depreciation in the overall value of the property.

Loft refurbishment design

Tips for choosing residential refurbishment contractors

For every construction project, hiring a qualified and reliable builder is one way to ensure that you achieve your dream home design. Refurbishment projects tend to be more easier and cost-effective compared to new projects. However, if you still want your project to be successful, you’ll need to hire a professional building contractor. A good builder should exhibit architectural respect, creativity, and craftsmanship to meet and even exceed your expectations. Highlighted below are some tips for choosing a qualified residential refurbishment contractor.

  • Seeking recommendations from friends and family
  • Check reviews from previous clients
  • Check contractor’s area of specialisation
  • Request to see any legal documentations and certifications
  • Go through their portfolio
  • Check years of experience
  • Ensure adherence of building regulations

Seek recommendations from friends and family

Seeking recommendations from your friends, neighbours or even family is one way to get a legit builder for your refurbishment. You will also be having an idea of what they can deliver thus making it easier to determine if they’re a perfect fit for your project.

Check reviews from previous clients

Aside from giving you a glimpse of the builders work quality, you also get more insight on the type of relation the builder has with the clients. Some builders are poor in developing a good relationship with their customers thus making it hard to work together. To avoid choosing a person that you can’t work with it’s advisable to establish how they relate with their clients.

Check the contractor’s area of specialisation

Does the builder specialise in projects of a specific nature or not? It is common to find that some builders only specialise in handling certain projects like new builds, renovations, loft conversions or refurbishments. Knowing their area of specialisation will help you choose someone who can effectively handle your refurbishment project. Some may even do extra services like clearance and removing all the rubbish.

Request to see any legal documentation and certifications

This will help you clarify whether you’re about to hire a legitimate builder or a con. You will be able to verify whether the builder is what they say they are. Also, you can check if they are registered with any associations or trade bodies. The company should also indicate their physical location in their adress.

Go through their portfolio

Going through a builder’s portfolio is one way to look at some of their masterpieces. This way, you will have in mind the designs to expect in case you decide to hire the said builder.

Check years of experience

The more the years of experience, the more the level of expertise. If the company has been in business for several years, then this can only mean the builder has gained more knowledge, skills , and craftsmanship to successfully complete the refurbishment project.

Ensure adherence to building regulations

You should hire a contractor that fully adheres to the building regulations and rules. This will help you avoid coming across any trouble with the local authorities. This also means that the house will be constructed in line with all of the health and safety regulations. Whether it’s a simple office fit-out or a simple repair job, it’s important to ensure adherence to these regulations.

From this article, it’s evident that there are plenty of considerations when it comes to choosing the right builder. However, if you’re diligent and careful enough, then it will be easier for you to choose a competent builder who can deliver your refurbishment desires. Having a clear vision of the design that you want will also be essential in determining a suitable builder for the project.

Tips For Your Loft Conversion Architect

Velux loft
Large loft room with a two Velux windows.

Loft conversion projects can be quite hectic to handle. However, it gets better if you are working with a qualified and reliable team. With the rapid growth of the housing market, you need due diligence when choosing the right contractor to work with. You certainly don’t want to end up hiring a cowboy builder for your project. 

From the structural engineer, architect, interior designers, to the team of builders, everyone plays a significant role in ensuring the attic extension is successfully completed. We shall have a look at the importance of having an architect present for a loft extension project.

Why should I hire a loft conversion architect

An architect is essential for any construction project because they create technical plans so as to establish a possible design for the space. As a homeowner, you certainly don’t want to gamble with the design of your dream loft. According to this eLoft Conversions blog post, an architect is responsible for coming up with the architectural drawings which are essential when it comes to acquiring planning approval.

A minor discrepancy on the loft design plans and your planning permission may be denied. Thus, you should choose to work with a diligent and highly skilled professional. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why you need a professional and reliable architect with the expertise and experience required to work on your attic extension project. 

  • An architect makes the acquisition of any planning approval( if necessary), easier because they provide detailed plans of the design. This would not be the case if you choose to work with a cowboy builder.
  • They also ensure that the construction project is in accordance with the building regulations requirements.
  • Architects also give you better insight on how your future space will look.
  • An architect will also inform you on a more accurate budget estimate for the whole loft project and the timescale for completion.
  • With an architect, you get quality designs, thus significantly improving the value of your property.
  • They’ll also leave you up to date with the latest trends and materials hence ensuring you don’t settle for an outdated design or use low quality building materials that may end up compromising the overall outcome of your home.
  • Aside from getting professional advice throughout your project, a good architect can also put you in touch with other experts you may need for your project. 
Computer and bed in a loft room

Problems associated with working without an architect

With the booming construction industry, it wouldn’t be surprising if you encountered a few rookies in your quest to find the right person to work with. With cowboy builders, the deal is too good to be true most of the time. That is why you need to be diligent and thorough when making your decision. So, what are some of the problems you’re likely to encounter for not working with a qualified and experienced architect?

  • Failure to get planning approval. If the architectural drawings aren’t properly detailed, you might be denied planning permission for your project.
  • If the construction is not done according to the permitted development rights, you might be penalized.
  • If the design is poor, you might end up reducing the value of your house.
  • Working with structural engineers and contractors who might need to have their own drawings may cost you more.

Whatever construction project you may be having, it’s advisable to get an architect on board. Considering the fact that having an attic extension involves making alterations to the existing structure, you’ll need to hire an architect that is qualified and experienced in creating approved structures. It wouldn’t be advisable to compromise on the quality of the design, after all, it should reflect your taste, style, preferences and the mood of your home.

Should you have an office fit out design after your property extension?

An office fit out is a term that is typically used when a workplace is being redesigned or refurbished. However, many people are still unsure of what a fit out entails in the office space, and if their workplace would benefit from this type of upgrade.

The following is a brief guide to all you need to know about fit outs for office spaces.

office fit out

What Is A Fit Out?

As previously mentioned, this term means the redesign or the update to a workspace. But, what exactly does that mean? A fit out is the process of making the interior areas of the office comfortable for both visitors and staff. The end goal for most fit outs is that the revamped space will increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. In other words, the workspace is developed in order to better meet the needs of those who work and visit.

Why Invest In A Fit Out?

By investing your money and time into a fit out, you will be encouraging future business growth. Consider for a moment the potential benefits of getting a fit out for your office.

When properly done, a fit out can actually help to increase your employee productivity. A study by the Cass Business School in London showed 80% of those questioned felt that art in the workplace improved their sense of well-being. Business owners believe that these office fitouts have transformed their businesses for the better. Employee confidence and proficiency is at an all time high, and there is also a noticeable increase in revenue.

The Fit Out Process

There is not an official ‘process’ to starting a fit out for your business. However, there are two different categories and they are Category A and Category B.

A Category ‘A’ fit out typically refers to the open space. This type of fit out includes all aspects of preparing an office for business including electrical wiring, plumbing and other installations.

During this type of fit out, you can also expect the blinds, finishes and fitted lights and other components such as furniture to also be installed at this time.

A Category ‘B’ fit out is redesigning and developing the internal structure based on the needs of the business.


You can think of the two fit outs as one being a canvas where you can create your own design (Fit Out ‘A’) or a canvas that is not blank but needs extra details (Fit Out ‘B’). With the second option, you will have the opportunity to create a space that shows the world the vision you have for your company.

An office fit out is the right choice for your business if you are not only looking at where your company currently is, but where you would like for it to be in the coming years. As technologies change in all industries, it is important to have a workspace that keep up these changes.

Benefits Of Buying Used Office Furniture

After you have completed your office construction project, you probably are in the market for office furniture, you might consider looking at used furniture. Used office furniture can end up saving your business a lot of money. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons to at least consider getting used office furniture rather than new.

Reasons To Consider Getting Used Furniture:

  • Save Money.

Any business should be interested in saving money. When you purchase used furniture, from online stores you are setting yourself up to save big on furnishing your office. This is primarily due to the fact that you can typically find furniture being sold on the secondary market at a fraction of the price that you would find it being sold in new condition. This alone is reason enough to consider investing in used furniture.

  • Get Better Quality.

Another major benefit that you are going to be able to get when you make the decision to invest in used furniture for your office over brand new would be the ability to increase the quality of your furniture. Because you will be able to get furniture at a much cheaper price point, it is going to allow you to find different pieces that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Simply being able to get better quality furniture can really help your business not only look better but also make it much more comfortable to be in which can boost productivity.

  • Faster Furnishing.

Another good thing about getting used furniture would be the ability to take the furniture to your office right on the spot. When you order furniture brand new, you might have to get it shipped to you directly from the factory which can take a long time. By getting it used, you will be able to furnish your office much quicker without having to waste any time at all. This can minimise the wasted time you spend waiting on your furniture to come in.

  • Furniture Doesn’t Age Poorly.

When you get various types of furniture, it is not like you are giving up anything big when you make the decision to buy used. Furniture is very durable and it can last a long time. Because of this, you are getting an item as good as new for a fraction of the price simply because it was used previously.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to consider opting for used furniture over brand new. After you have spent a lot of money construction your new office this would allow you to save cash and you will be able to increase the quality that you can go after even on a budget.

How to approach house clearance

House clearance is stressful and tedious. Not only does it require a lot of your time but also your effort. I have seen many houses that need house clearance before any construction work can start on the site. Whether you want to declutter your house or you plan on moving out so the builder can do the job, having some tips on house clearance will help you so that the clearance goes smoothly. Most times, you will find that your house has a lot of unwanted items which are no longer in use. By clearing, you are able to dispose of unwanted items and remain with the most essential pieces. For you to do house clearance effectively, you need to plan yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be beaten by the stress of clearance. Below are some helpful tips that will help you as you do your home clearance.

house clearance

Have A Plan.

The first step towards house clearance is to plan yourself. You need to know how you will start and how you will proceed. You may decide to sort your items room by room so that you do it thoroughly. Plan your time and dedicate enough time to each room. Ensure you devote your free time to allow you to fully concentrate on the whole process, without having any distractions. If the workload is too much, there is no harm asking for assistance. Furthermore, sorting the items with the help of someone else will also save you a lot of time.

House Clearance with Garage Sale .

It is probable that you will have a lot of items which you don’t need anymore. Consider doing your clearance environmentally-friendly way by sorting out the rooms, set aside those items that are not important to you. Instead of throwing them out, you could plan to sell those items at a throwaway price, especially if they are still in good condition. If you are not able to organise a physical sale, you could also take photographs of the items and sell them on online platforms. Why throw your things away when you can make some profit from the sale that could be used for refurbishment? Also, you might choose to reuse some of those items for another purpose. If you don’t have the morale to sell the details, you could also consider donating them to your nearby church or children’s home. Some needy people will definitely appreciate those items you plan to dispose of.

House clearance has its advantages. It allows you to decongest your home, leaving it more spacious and neat also saves money so the builder does not have to do himself before conducting a work. Besides, you might be able to get some profits from the sale of your house items. Consider the above tips to make your house clearance more exciting and smooth.

Getting Help From An Office Removals London Service

OfficeIf you need to move your office, then you need to find the best office removals London service. You want to know that they are going to do the work right the first time. Here are some tips so you can pick out a removals company that will help you the most.

Removal services need to have a good reputation or you shouldn’t work with them. To find out about a service’s reputation, you’re going to want to look up reviews on them to see how good they are. When you’re looking for reviews, you’re going to want to see if you can find ones that are from recent weeks so you know that they are still true of a company. If you read old reviews, the company may have changed since they were posted online. You also need to make sure you find reviews that have a lot of details in them so you know whether a company is worth it to work with or not.

A removal service in London should charge you a good price for the services that they offer they may also be capable to do office clearance. You don’t want to just hire the first company you find only to learn from them later that you paid too much for their services. It’s easy to find out what people charge, you just have to contact their services to ask what they are going to cost you. If they can give you a rough idea of what their pricing is, then you can compare what different companies charge so you can always work with one that charges fair rates.

office removals london

Office removals companies e.g are something that need to be done by people that have the right training. You want to find out how long employees have been doing moving work for a company so you can tell if they are going to be worth your time to work with. You may want to call the company to ask them how long they have been around and how long their employees have been working for them. If they are new to this then you may want to go elsewhere because you need people that are good at what they do. Having additional services like office clearance could be a good sign.

An office removals London service is now something you should be able to find. There are plenty of great options on the market at any given point in time. To find out what’s going to work best for you, you’re going to want to use the tips you were just given.

Three Reasons To Consider Loft Extensions

loftIf you already have a loft where people are living, you might realize that this area is very small. You might not be comfortable with allowing your kids or family member to live in such a small room and you will want to extend the room out. This can be tricky because of the location of this particular area of the home and may require a very specific type of contractor. Once you have found one of these businesses, you should be able to have them complete the job in a minimal amount of time. Here are three reasons that you should consider getting a loft extension done, and then how to find the best company for this type of project.

What Are Loft Extensions?

A loft, also referred to as an attic, is an area above the house which is typically where there is room enough to move around. With a typical house, there is often just enough for a crawlspace area but larger houses will have so much more. You will be able to actually put bedrooms, and you can also add a bathroom if you need to. Even though the roof will slope, there is still plenty of room in the center of this area of the home where people can live comfortably. The way that you extend your loft is to actually take portions of the roof itself and extend the outward. You will have to have supporting structures changed so that the house itself does not collapse because it uses the trusses and beams in this portion of the house in order to remain stable.

Three Reasons To Do This

There are three specific reasons that you should consider doing this. First of all, you are trying to expand on the amount of room that you have in your house and you have essentially never used the loft area. You may realize that it’s not really large enough for people to have everything that they need in terms of space, and you will want to upgrade. Second, you might be selling your home in the next few months, and before you listed, you can have this loft extension done to improve its value. Not only that, the larger the area is upstairs, the more appealing it will be to a wide range of people that would like to make use of this upper portion of the home because of the extra square footage. Finally, you may want to do this because it will improve the overall appearance of your house. You may have a simple roof but by adding extensions upstairs, it can really add to the curb appeal. This would be most beneficial if you are trying to sell your home, and therefore would be a good investment to make.

After you have received all of the estimates from the people that are offering their services to do loft extensions, you will certainly find one that will help you with the project you have in mind. Always try to find someone that comes with good reviews, reviews that you will be able to find on the web and utilize one of these companies. You need to make sure that they are able to divide you with the help that you need at a price that you can afford. You should see examples of what they have done four other people on their website, and based upon what you see, and the prices that they charge, you should have no problem at all finding a contractor that will be willing to work with you on your schedule.

How To Find A Contractor To Do Affordable Kitchen Extensions

kitchen extensionIf your goal is to do a kitchen remodeling project, and you would like to get this done for an affordable price, it will take a little bit of effort on your part to find the right contractor. Kitchen extensions can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars, and you will want to spend your money wisely with a competent contractor that understands how to do kitchen extensions. You will want to look for a company that has a website that can showcase the different jobs that they have done to get a better idea of how they work. Once you have found several companies that look promising, you will need to get estimates from each one to determine who will be able to do the job for less.

How Do You Locate These Businesses?

It’s actually very easy to locate these companies that will be able to help you. They have the tools, expertise and more than likely a track record for doing these types of projects. Once they come out, they can talk to you about what it is that you would like to accomplish and then begin to prepare an estimate for you. These will come back in a couple of days, no more than a week, and then you can choose from the estimates that you received from these companies.

Price Vs Experience

You will have to make a decision when you are looking at the different estimates that you get back, determining whether or not to work with the least expensive company or one that is slightly more that has the best track record. It is often a better idea to work with a company that has examples that are very similar to what you are looking for, even if they are slightly more expensive. If they are the most expensive, then it’s just a matter of your budget. You do want to be happy with the work that is accomplished. You can then decide on the business to work with that will be able to construct this for you, helping you to feel more comfortable in your home and also increase its value.

How Long Will It Take Them To Complete The Job?

It is going to take them a few weeks, in most cases, to complete the job you are requesting. It just depends on the size and complexity of the kitchen extension that you are trying to achieve. You can look at different examples online of the companies that have examples of work they have done in the past only looking at images, and as they complete the project, you may want to make some modifications. However, if you stick with the plan, they will likely be able to get this done in a week or two which is probably what most of them will be able to accomplish. Just remember that any changes that you make may add to the overall cost, and how long it will take to finish the project, so try to have the idea in mind for exactly what you want before contacting these companies.

Affordable kitchen extension contractors are easy to find online. The Internet makes it easy to evaluate them as well. Some of them will have exceptional ratings on Yelp and Google, allowing you to see what they have done for other people and how happy they were with the projects that were completed. The combination of getting a good price with a company that is highly recommended by people that you have never met that have left testimonials online is the best combination to go with and will likely lead to a finished product that you will definitely enjoy.

Basement Extensions: The New Renovations

basement extensionThe mega-rich are known for having huge mansions and oversized properties. The new way the rich expand their homes is through huge basements that may go down two or three stories, big enough for multi-car garages and swimming pools.

However, basement extensions are just for the super-rich. An average suburban homeowner can put in a basement extension below their foundation. Even if there is water below your home, it is possible to put in a basement extension.

Putting in a decently-sized basement extension can be a much better option than buying a new home, especially in expensive metropolitan areas. For example, in London, most houses are very small and above-ground expansion is difficult due to building restrictions. A basement extension could make room for another bedroom and bathroom for guests, or a playroom for the kids.

Putting in a basement extension impresses the neighbors, too. Don’t be surprised if your basement extension inspires others to do the same. It could bring up the property values of your whole neighborhood.

A new basement extension will require some logistics. For example, if there’s water under your home, you’ll have to put in pumps to keep the water out. In fact, the best plan is to put in a pump, and then a backup pump in case that one fails. If your area is prone to serious storms or frequent power outages, you might consider a backup pump with a battery or other independent power source. That way, in a major storm with both flooding and a power outage, your basement will stay dry.

Of course, you do need to be considerate of your neighbors when putting in a basement extension, just like with any new construction. The equipment used to put in a basement extension is large, unsightly, and noisy. Make sure access to the construction area doesn’t pass over a neighbor’s lawn or walkway, as the heavy equipment can cause damage. And try to limit construction to the hours when your neighbors are at work, to avoid disturbing them.

Watch out for changing economic benefits to your new basement. There is talk of charging a “basement tax” in the borough of Westminster and other councils. This tax would pay for inspectors who come out to make sure that construction noise and deliveries don’t overly disturb the surrounding neighborhood, as well as making sure the new construction complies with relevant building codes. This could add thousands to final cost of your basement.

A basement extension is a good way to add value to your home in an area where ground-level construction is too expensive or banned by regulation. It’s surprisingly cost-effective if the new construction adds functional living space instead of extravagant extras like a swimming pool or extra garage. However, be aware of logistical issues like underground water, and try to keep your construction from overly disturbing your neighborhood. You aren’t alone in considering a basement extension – the new “basement tax” in some areas proves that it’s a growing industry.